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The consequences of big wheels

Front drivers corner with new Enkei J10 silver wheels

When I went to wash the 850 recently, I noticed that the front tires were badly worn from rubbing on the inner fenders (the plastic fender liner).  The previous owner had fitted very large 18″×8″ Volvo “Mirzam” wheels, with 235/40/18 Riken Raptor tires, which were too large for the car and had worn away the inner fender liners, and badly damaged the tires.  I replaced these with 16″x7″ Enkei J10 silver wheels and 215/55/16 Bridgestone Potenza tires, and made several repairs to the fenders and steering system.

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Nine years at K-Jet.org

Nine years!  Can you believe it?  I never thought I’d live this long.  Well, my Volvo has saved my life at least twice now, so that may be the reason.

I will have a few posts coming up in the next few months regarding my foray into front-wheel-drive Volvos (the 1996 850 Turbo).  Mostly just maintenance stuff, but a few other surprises as well.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working behind the scenes a bit here on K-Jet.org to clean up the article and project categorization stuff, and organize the documents and greenbooks sections a bit better.

A New Look

A new site theme for a new year.  This is just a customized version of the default WordPress “2014″ theme.  It should look much better on mobile devices than the old themes.  Over the last nine years the site has had four different looks, including this one.