Sold the Tan 242

In a flurry of writing I have composed three new articles and started work on the fourth. I wrote a guide for making your own wiring harness, a K-Jet FAQ, and a comprehensive explanation of the inner workings of the K-Jetronic system. I started work on a K-Jet debugging guide as well.

I also had to change the hosting for this site. It is still available by typing in of course, but the server has changed, so any links on other pages to files on this website will no longer work (such as all the pictures I have posted on

The Forums are back up and running. I recently upgraded the software, and due to the server change, I could not keep the posts that were on it. I manually copied some of the posts that were still relevant, but really, it’s not a very heavily used forum anyway.

In other news, I bought another Volvo. I can justify it, I swear. I used to have two 242’s, both of which were pretty hard to haul stuff in. I recently sold my tan 242 (sniff). However, I was perusing the web the other day and found a 1982 245 (wagon) for sale for about $100 in my town. I got it running a couple days ago. Including the DMV fees of about $120, I have spent a total of about $500 on it to get it into shape. Maybe I’ll post some pictures later.

Tan Car for Sale

Well, it’s been a long time here because of the lack of internet access on my part. Things have changed, and things haven’t really changed. Now that I have the internet again (slow 56k) I will be making more frequent updates. For now though, I’m selling my tan car because I can’t afford to own two cars right now.