No Transmission

More minor updates, fixed some broken links, and updated the info on My Car to reflect the work I’ve done. Also, I added two new files to the Docs/Brochures section, both large .pdf’s on the Group-A Volvo 240’s that I found floating around on the net.

Unfortunately, the 245 is currently parked since it has no transmission. Hopefully I will be able to get the new one in this month, but until then its not moving. Basically, I am not physically strong enough to bench-press the transmission, and I have no friends to help me either. Also, I have no money to buy a transmission jack.

Smashy Smashy

It’s been a while since I updated the page, but it’s been pretty hectic in my life lately. To sum up, I went on a 3,000 mile trip in the 245DL loaded down to gross vehicle weight, smashed it into a deer, and pretty much trashed the transmission. So, I bought a 1982 245 GLT-Turbo that will get some parts off of the DL and then the DL is going to the crusher.

I sold the 740 TurboDiesel, mainly because I needed the money and I didn’t really like the car that much. I am going down to one car (gasp!), which will be the 245 GLT. See more about the car on the My Cars Page if you want to.

Sold My Red Car

I sold my red car. I will miss it a lot, but it’s time for me to move on. The lack of practicality of a 2-door car was one factor, and also the fact that I had four cars. I put it up on craigslist and had a buyer the next day. I am glad that it went to someone who is really going to appreciate it.

Consequently, I am re-organizing the ‘My Cars’ section. I am going to divide it up into a ‘Current Cars’ and a ‘Past Cars’ section, since there is some good info on those pages. I am also going to resurrect the page on my tan 242 when I get a chance.

In other news, I sent my turbocharger (from the 740 diesel) in to be reconditioned. I thought about rebuilding it myself, but I decided I just didn’t have the appropriate tools. We’ll see what happens. It was leaking a lot of oil and had a lot of shaft play. Very expensive job, but it would be more expensive if I had to buy a new turbo rather than get this one fixed.

Oh No

Well, I bought another Volvo. As usual, I have disregarded my own advice and bought a weird car. It is a 1986 740 GLE Turbo Diesel. I bought it mainly to run biodiesel in it. Check out the My Cars section for more information on this car.

Since this puts me at three cars now, (actually four counting the Jetta), I will probably be selling one of them, most likely my 242 Turbo. This is a sad day for me, but I think this is something I have to do… So keep your eyes peeled, a really nice 242 might be for sale soon.