New Site Layout

Well, I’m working on a new site layout that allows you to comment on my posts here in the news section. It also brings the page into the new era of web design (the old site was very basic HTML, which worked well, but lacked many features.) Now you can search the site from the bar on the right, and I can make updates and changes with (relative) ease.

Diesel Trouble

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site. Not much new has happened. I’ve been working on getting the diesel running, but still no-go. I did finally do the DMV paperwork, and I bought a battery for it (Interstate MTP-93, 850 cold cranking amps). The 245 is still running strong, and not much new has happened with that car. Today I added two new greenbooks, one is the 1980 Wiring Diagrams, and the other is another book on the Automatic Transmissions. Both were scanned by Poulson01, so if you see him, say thank you.