I finally found a good WordPress plugin for galleries – NextGEN Gallery – that works well with my site. So far I have added galleries for the IPD 2007 Garage Sale (Gallery 1 | Gallery 2) and for some of my cars. This will make it much easier for me to upload digital photos and put them on the site, as well as enable me to finally be rid of embedded HTML tables, which have really gone the way of the dinosaur as a page layout tool. Tables are really useful for laying out data that just can’t be displayed any other way, but I’ll be glad to see them gone in the future.

I have also made several updates to the site, including new greenbooks and manuals for the 400 series, as well as an update to my old 1982 245’s page entitled: The Horrible Truth – Part II. The tale of what happened with that car is as odd as the car itself.

One year review

I just wrote up a one-year review of my 1985 Volvo 245 Turbo, which can be found here. Otherwise, not much new in Volvo country. I should probably mention that I did go to the 2008 Davis car show in May, but I haven’t had the film developed yet (yes, I forgot my digital camera), so it’s hard to say much about it without pictures. Unfortunately, I missed the IPD garage sale in Portland this year because of an unavoidable schedule conflict, but I guess I’ll get it again next year. Oh well. Onward!

New files

I haven’t had much time to work on the site, but I put some time in tonight doing three things. First, I went through all the pages and fixed a bunch of broken links and errors.  Second, I added three new brochures from 1979 and 1983, which were scanned by Turbobricks member Sabonim.  Third, I began work on adding the vintage documentation to the Docs section.

Printing and Other Bugs

Well, I’ve found out a few more things about the new design. One, printing the pages from Firefox doesn’t work right. However, printing works fine from Internet Explorer, so use that if you have to print something. I think there is a way to fix this, but I’m not certain.

Second, the site logo at the top has a brown background in Internet Explorer 6, while in Firefox (or IE 7) it is transparent. So if you really want to see the site like it’s supposed to look, use Firefox or IE7.

If you don’t use Firefox, you just don’t know what you’re missing. I can’t stand to use Internet Explorer at all now that I have switched. You can download Firefox here:

New Site Sections

I am working on adding some of the content that I have had for a while including:

  • 700/900 greenbooks
  • 850 greenbooks
  • vintage greenbooks
  • misc advertisements and catalogs
  • updated stats section
  • new articles

I also updated the theme again, with darker colors for people using lower-contrast monitors.  Please press the Refresh button on your browser if you’re not seeing it.