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Welcome to, a site for Volvo enthusiasts.  The site mostly focuses on 240-series cars with the Bosch K-Jet fuel injection systems, but there is plenty of information here for other models as well.  Please note that this site is not affiliated with the Volvo Group; please see the Disclaimers for more information.

Questions and comments about the site, your car, or anything in particular?  Comment on this post!

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  1. read your tip on headlight converstions. I have a 1982 245. I bought i think H4 from an online site. they fit fantastic. BUT when i turned on the headlights they all came on even if i pulled the highbeam switch they still stayed on. could not figure it out so sent them back for refund. Want to keep the car and would be nice to update the lights,Already have a relay in the system so daughter cannot run the battery down leaving the lights on. They come on now like wife’s 98 V70 with the ignition and go off with the ignition. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Went to the sites mentioned in the article and some of them are no longer there and one i could not find the info i needed.

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