IPD Garage Sale 2009

Although I missed it last year due to a pre-planned vacation, I was able to make it to the IPD Garage Sale this year.  You can check out my photos (some bad, some good, but all of them are there) in the Garage Sale 2009 Gallery.  The weather was beautiful, about 80F, warm and sunny.  I got a bit of a sunburn on my forearms (ow!) because I was constantly taking pictures.

The car show of course was amazing, with a great turnout and some truly unique vehicles.  The garage sale side of things was great too.  As many of you know, you can order your parts directly from IPD that day and pick them up (or have them shipped for free).  Anything you order at the garage sale is 10% off as well.  So, from IPD I ordered front brake calipers, rotors, pads, brake fluid, and power brake bleeder so that I can fix / upgrade the brakes on the yellow 242.  The front calipers both have stuck pistons, and the rotors are warped.  The rear brakes seem fine however.

At the swap meet, I bought a GT front air damn (excellent condition), a GT fog light switch, a set of new 242 rubber window scrapers, and a complete set of 740/760 greenbooks, covering 1982-1988.  There was some great stuff for sale there, such as a complete set of five Eiker wheels (with tires), many different motors, and several whole cars.  I also picked up a relatively rare 1975 240 greenbook.



It will be a while before I get all these scanned.  Right now I am working on getting the 140 greenbooks scanned, and doing a higher quality re-scan of the 240 greenbooks, as well as the inclusion of several greenbooks that I hadn’t scanned before.  Once I get the 140 and 240 books up, the 740/760 books will be next.  You can check out the first 140 book (1974).

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  1. Unlike http://volvo1800pictures.com/ I don’t see the means for documentation submissions.
    I was fortunate enough to end up with a “Dealer Kit” for the 1979 model year at the last VCNA open house.
    I’ve recently started scanning myself, but haven’t found the 200 reference site. I just may have!


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