New Documents Posted

In my quest to finally complete the integration of my new websitem, I have found a very good plugin which can list the files in a directory – WP Explorer.  I had to change the code of the plugin a bit to make the navigation bars work the way I wanted, and I had to significantly alter the code for the display / output in the plugin’s options panel, but I got it to more or less replicate the original layout of the site.

The advantage of this is that now I can just upload new files, and WP Explorer automatically updates the list of files on the website for me – I don’t have to add rows to the tables etc.  For an example of some of the docs areas where this has been implemented, check out the Installation Manuals and the Via Volvo Magazine pages.

In regards to the GeoCities archiving, I’ve also archived Stu Spencer’s entire page, which can be found here.

One thought on “New Documents Posted”

  1. Nice to see more manuals online, they come in very handy when i am working on the 200/700 series!

    The saved Geocities sites are very nice too, it would be sad if they all disappeared. I remember a lot of the old sites from when i was starting out reading up on Volvo’s roughly 10 years ago…

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