Turning Over the Inventory, Part 2

Well, two bits of news here.  First off, the 1978 242 made it through the five-hour journey to go pick up the 1993 245.  This, in and of itself, was pretty amazing considering what I’ve been through on that car.  I can say this for certain – having the extra engine power going over some of the mountain passes made a huge difference compared to other times I’ve driven my B21F-powered 240s on the same road. The car also made it all the way back (10 hours total, about 600 miles of driving) with no issues! It’s been a difficult experience to get this 30-year old 242 back to reliable daily-drive status, but I think I can say that we’re nearly there. It’s been quite an expensive journey.

Here is the car that I went to go get:


I drove the 1993 245 back home without a hitch, and there are pictures from today posted here, as well as a little info about the car.

The major issues with the car are that it’s going to need a valve shim adjustment soon (I own the tools, so no big deal here) and, much more horrifyingly, it’s going to need a new heater fan soon as well. The current fan is making the ‘shriek of death’ noise, which pretty much sounds like a wailing banshee swooping out of the shadows to devour your soul. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it’s still pretty loud.

2 thoughts on “Turning Over the Inventory, Part 2”

  1. Nice rare 5 speed, I hope to find one for my ’92 one day, so much more fun to drive. Looks very clean and cared for, engine looks like it was never driven in snow/salt.

    Don’t be afraid of that fan, it’s not all that hard, though it can be harder to do in the SRS dash cars as the metal bar that runs across the car, supporting the steering column, is all welded together rather than separate parts. Still it’s doable. I just put a entire new dash out of a ’92 into an ’84 242Ti, it was amazingly easy and relatively simple to do.

    Well now you can pop a 940 locker diff in, also you can update the fuel ECU to one from a ’92+ 940, plug and play, and possibly get better performance, I have seen this in every 240 I’ve tried this on. Also can run a stock ’92 +940 cooling fan setup just by running two small wires (adding in a couple terminals to the main connector) from the fuel ECU to control it. No doubt you knew all that already, though.

    This site is fantastic as always, thanks.

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