Window Tint

Finally got window tint done on the 1993 245.  Front two windows are 35%, back five are 18%.  It’s pretty dark.  I almost went with 5% on the back five, but I thought that would probably be a little too much, and it does increase your risk of backing into something that you couldn’t see because your windows are too dark.

Click here to read the rest of the article on prepping your car for a professional window tint job.


Highline Customs in Portland, OR for the tint work. They did a great job, very professional, clean, etc. Took the time to discuss the different options and the tradeoffs. Absolutely recommend these guys – really good people to work with. I would definitely go there again.I took all of the door panels off myself, including the trim around the back window and the bars for the rear seatbelt, since I’ve done that a zillion times and know how everything goes together. They said it helped them out a lot and saved a lot of time.

2 thoughts on “Window Tint”

  1. Nice!
    Now you’ll need to darken the wheels 🙂 🙂

    On a side note: I think a have a Green Book that I think you don’t have (at least publicly) – TP30871/1. Please e-mail me so can can send it to you.


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