Another Year Come and Gone

Well, a few months back I passed the 7 year anniversary of starting this site (March 24, 2005).

Not much new in the world of Volvos for me.  Ticked over 200,000 miles last year, at about 210,000 so far year.  Since I bought the car in the summer of 2009, I have put on about 30,000 miles, or an average of 10,000 miles a year.

Right now, I have a set of new IPD wagon overload springs waiting to go on the car.  Currently the sedan overload springs are installed, and they keep the stock ride height while stiffening up the rear end, but I really need some more weight carrying capacity so that I can haul heavy stuff without the back end of the car sagging.  I also got a set of the IPD stainless brake lines waiting to go on, as well as new brake pads and fluid.

A month ago or so I ordered a set of Red/White/White/Red tail lights – ordered the Left and Right from CVI Automotive in Sweden.  I highly recommend them – they shipped in less than a week from Sweden to the west coast of the USA – pretty darn fast for shipping halfway across the planet.  They were helpful answering questions by email as well.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the lights on my car yet, but it’s pretty easy to imagine what they look like from this photo of a similar car.

In other news, I will probably be selling the 1991 Volvo 244 to a good friend in the next month or so.  He’s getting a pretty good deal, especially since it has a brand new, stock exhaust (Starla brand) from the exhaust header all the way back.  That’s right, downpipe, catalytic converter, front and rear mufflers – everything is new.  Unfortunately, this “little” expenditure had to be undertaken in order to get the car through DEQ emissions testing.

So, I will be down to just one car again – my trusty, relatively non-rusty 1993 Volvo 245 .  However, while still in good condition, the car is definitely showing its age.  I see fewer and fewer 240s on the road anymore, and frankly, it’s hard for me to figure out what car to replace it with when it finally does go.  I want something more modern, with a quieter ride, safer with driver/passenger/side airbags, and a lot of carrying capacity like my current wagon.  A used, 5-to-10 year old V70R definitely appeals to me, as does the S80 V8 (although not much carrying capacity there).  Outside of Volvo, there is always the Subaru Legacy GT (a non-outback, fast wagon), but Subaru stopped making that model in 2007, and the 2004 and earlier models weren’t as safe as the 2005 and up models.  Still, a worthy candidate, if a bit smaller than the V70R.  Finally, there would be the option to go with a micro-box.  The 2nd generation Scion XB, Nissan Cube, or Honda Element are all good choices that would perform the required functions (although you sacrifice creature comforts and road noise for fuel economy and lower maintenance costs).

But, I have plenty of time to ponder while I slowly wear out what will likely be my last 240.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my car at the IPD Garage Sale this year.  Didn’t take too many photos this year, as I had a full day of stuff planned that was completely unrelated to Volvos, so I was only there for about an hour, early in the morning.  Some nice cars there this year though.

2 thoughts on “Another Year Come and Gone”

  1. Although I do now have a 240 for fun (I ride a motorcycle all year round), I had a 99 S70 in the past. I would truly consider a V70. I’m on the other side of the pond, so for family runs I have a 2005 Renault Espace Initiale – LOTS of space, comfort and same dimensions as a 240.
    Hope your 240 holds well… and best of luck for the next ride.

  2. Hey Adam,

    I really do not think that you would be happy with a newer Volvo, and even less happy with a subaru or micro box car. I’m still enjoying your former ’85 as it is getting close to 285K. When something brakes I just fix it. Your’ 93 is a much newer and simpilar car to maintain, and I see no reason why you could not keep it going for the next ten years.

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