Installed IPD rear overload springs

IPD/TME lowering springs in the front, with IPD 240 wagon overload springs in the back.  Now that’s some rake!

Stiffened up the back end MUCH more than the old IPD 240 sedan overload springs I had in there before.  Makes it kind of twitchy; handles more like a truck.  Overall, I liked the handling and ride height of the sedan overload springs much better, but I want the extra carrying capacity of the wagon version.  Hopefully the springs will settle down a bit as I break them in.

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6 thoughts on “Installed IPD rear overload springs”

  1. Yeah I put them on for one road trip and never put them on again. They are great when the car is fully loaded, but otherwise they are brutal. They wreck the handling and are way too tall and stiff. If you want to firm up the rear without lowering, get the sedan overload springs and put them in the wagon. If you want to lower it, get the lowering springs.

  2. Hey Adam, my 240 wagon looks strikingly the same: same color, same wheels, (but not darkened windows). The rear end of my wagon is sagging down but I will have to replace the worn down trailing arm bushing first. Then I will get to the spring. It is interesting that you had lower front end go together with the overload rears… From my reading around the net, the overloads do not settle down over time…

  3. Adam, wish I could say that they settle down. We had them in the silver ’84 245GL for about a year or so after getting the car. I took them out and reverted to stock 245 rear coils. It was just too painful to drive otherwise. Granted, the car has Bilstein TC’s, which are somewhat closer to KYB’s in stiffness than the HD’s.


  4. The stance looks great. I put wagon rear springs under my 244 to get a similar stance about a year ago. Saggy rear-ends are never a good thing.

  5. I’m very curious to see if they settle down. The rear is drooping on my 245 – needs bushing, shocks and springs. I’m just not sure what springs and shocks to use!

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