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Well, my car is back on the road after four months in the garage.

It all began with a broken-off bolt in the engine block – the alternator mounting bolt.  It took a full weekend of work to drill out the old bolt, create a clean hole, tap the hole in the block, and install a 1/2″ thread stainless steel bolt like so:


With the bolt finally fixed, I replaced the rest of the accessory bushings with the blue polyurethane bushings from IPD.  I also installed new engine mounts, using the OEM Volvo diesel mounts that are spec’d for a diesel 240.  They are a bit firmer than stock motor mounts.  For more maintenance, I replaced the front engine seals, timing belt, tensioner, transmission mount, alternator (under warranty luckily), valve guide seals and hushers (see previous post) and the cam seals.  I also cleaned up everything as best I could.


On top of all that, I put in an IPD VX camshaft and a RSI adjustable cam gear.  A new water pump and silicone cooling hoses from IPD finished up the cooling system, and fresh belts should keep the engine quiet.  The brake system was done in August with fresh fluid and IPD stainless steel brake lines, so it didn’t need much work.  As a special fun piece, I got ahold of a used, custom-made B230F exhaust manifold with equal length runners and a 4-to-1 collector.  New spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, and IPD performance plug wires finished the job.  For a fun change, I also had my M47 shift lever modified by Jacob Homer to shorten the throw, which makes the shifts faster and more “race car like”.

Oh yeah, and I removed the factory rack and plugged the holes using the kit from IPD.  The car is rusting just a bit underneath the rack, and I didn’t want it to get worse by keeping that old clunky rack on there.  The top of the roof is really ugly right now – it needs a run over with the power buffer to clean up the marks in the paint from 20 years of the rack sitting there.  But really, the whole car needs a respray pretty bad too.


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  1. I have a question regarding your Volvo brick. Did your car originally come with the front spoiler? Where did you get the VOLVO sticker on the windshield?



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