Volvo 850 exhausts: OEM vs. OBX vs. IPD vs. Eurosport

Let’s talk about 850 exhausts.  There are a lot of forum threads out there debating the merits of different exhausts, mostly coming down to the inexpensive OBX stainless exhaust (typically $350-450) vs. the more expensive IPD stainless exhaust. During IPD’s annual sales, you can get that exhaust for 15% off, or about $846, but normal retail is $995.  Why compare these two?  Because they are extremely similar looking… at least, on the surface.

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One thought on “Volvo 850 exhausts: OEM vs. OBX vs. IPD vs. Eurosport”

  1. Thanks for the write-up, interesting article! I’d be interested to learn more about what can be done to improve the OBX setup and approximate cost of doing so. IE, improving the sound (having an exhaust shop add a second muffler?), cost of better clamps, replacing tip (maybe with EST’s), etc…

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