Volvo 850 Wagon Spoiler Installation


Finally finished installing the 1998-2000 V70R style spoiler on my 1996 Volvo 850 Platinum.  The earlier 850R spoilers are similar but have single piece brackets that don’t actually bolt down to anything – the spoiler is intended to be held on by sticky foam, and the brackets just wrap around the hinges as a safeguard – so in my opinion the later 1998-2000 style two-piece brackets are preferable.

In addition, this spoiler is a very rare model with an LED brake light built into it.  Most spoilers for 850/V70 wagons up to 2000 don’t have a brake light.  So arguably, this could be considered a safety upgrade.

This was a real project; it took about a month to get it all done from start to finish. A lot of people buy and sell used spoilers online, but most never end up getting installed, or they are spraypainted black or dark gray to match the trim.  Of course, the factory spoilers were painted the body color – in my case, Platinum Pearl Metallic, Volvo #424

Here are all the steps if you really want to do it right:

  • Buy the spoiler and brackets used online – $200
  • Made appointment to get an estimate for paint shop
  • Got estimate for painting – $311
  • Dropped off the spoiler with the car, picked up car later that day
  • Several days later – Picked up spoiler
  • Next day, notice spoiler is missing four of the six screws I dropped it off with, threads in four of the spoiler bosses full of paint
  • Call paint shop to complain about missing screws and paint in bosses, since I specifically explained to the salesman why I left the bolts in the threads
  • Salesman contacts painter, who flat out lies and says I dropped it off with only one screw, even though they gave it back with two – I know I actually dropped it off with all six installed so I wouldn’t have to chase paint out of the threads
  • Whatever. I’m getting new stainless hardware anyway
  • Spend an hour cleaning out the threads in the spoiler
  • Sand metal brackets down to bare metal with wire wheel
  • Paint brackets with four coats of POR-15 black
  • Clean POR-15 paint out of threads on brackets
  • Go to Michael’s craft store and get peel-and-stick 1/16″ black foam rubber – $2
  • Cut foam rubber to fit spoiler where it touches the car
  • Install brackets with new stainless bolts and blue Loctite from the hardware store – $10
  • Attach spoiler to brackets
  • Run wire for brakelight down through factory conduits
  • Make custom plug and plug into factory towing harness

When it’s all said and done though, I think it’s worth it, even with $500+ into it at this point. It looks great, and even if the paint shop is full of liars at least they did a good job matching the paint.

2 thoughts on “Volvo 850 Wagon Spoiler Installation”

  1. Looks great! I have a 1994 855 Turbo. Just bought a spoiler (no brake light) for it. Can’t wait to paint and install!!

  2. Looks good.

    I recently bought a Platinum wagon for $700. It doesn’t crank, but I expect that’s just the starter. They’re a really nice color.

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