780 Gallery

Note:  I copied this material from the Geocities site: “The Volvo 780 Information Site” in early 2009 after Yahoo announced that it would be shutting down Geocities permanently.  The site was originally written by Eric Anderson, and is presented here in its unabridged form, albeit on one page instead of multiple pages.

This is the gallery of 780s from the same site.


Serial Number: 002384
Date Built: March 1987
Color: #400 Champagne Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 90,000
Nickname: Berta
Owner: Estrella Dela Cruz
St. Paul, MN

This is my parents' 1987 780. This was the first "newer" Volvo our family had in quite a long while. We were first introduced to the 780 back in February of 1993. My parents were looking for an "upscale" addition to our stalwart pair of 240s (a ’79 sedan and an ’80 wagon). At the time they were actually looking at a 1980 262C which was being sold through a private owner. As it turns out a fast-moving collector snatched up the 262C before my parents could take a look at it, so when they saw this 1987 780 for sale at the dealer (62,000 miles at the time), they thought it might be a good "alternative" to the 262C. Having been accustomed to the 200 Series for so many years, we weren’t as familiar with the 700 Series cars, let alone the 780. We knew it was designed by Bertone, and the few photos we saw in a brochure heightened our curiosity, so we went to take a look.

The rest, of course, is history. As soon as they saw the car both of my parents immediately fell in love with it. Coming from 14 years of manual windows, cloth/vinyl interior, no air conditioning, and the 107 hp Volvo four-banger, driving and riding in the 780 was quite a new and incredible experience. After negotiating a few minor repairs and details with the dealer, my parents drove the car home a few weeks later.

My Dad drove this car during the spring and summer for the next four years and would store it in the winter. This past December my Dad bought a 1991 940 SE sedan to use daily, and my Mom, who had been driving the ’79 244 for years, took over the 780.

A unique feature of this particular car is that the previous owner installed aftermarket speakers and a huge subwoofer, effectively wiping out most of the car's trunk space!


Serial Number: 009751
Date Built: February 1990
Color: #019 Black
Interior: #2970 Dark Grey
Current Mileage: 81,000
Nickname: Giulia
Owner: Necito Dela Cruz
St. Paul, MN

The story behind this car is rather interesting. In early April 1993, literally a matter of weeks after my parents picked up their 780, the same Volvo dealer ran an ad in the paper advertising three different pre-owned 780’s for sale. Soon after I went over to the dealer one morning to see for myself.

The first 780 was a blue 1988 V-6 with 77,000 miles and blue and black two-tone interior, the second was a red 1989 Turbo, also with 77,000 miles and beige interior. The last 780 was a black 1990 Turbo with 34,000 miles, and dark grey interior (referred to hereafter as "the blue ‘88", "the red ‘89’ and "the black ‘90"). At the time, I knew full well that still being in the spring semester of my senior year in college, and with no job prospects on the horizon, getting one of these cars was pretty much an impossibility.

In any case, after graduation I was working part-time and searching for the "real" job. I looked at a lot of different Volvos over the course of the summer, just for fun. I was also able to test drive both the red ‘89 and the black ‘90, and was quite impressed with the turbo's performance improvement over the V-6 780s. The red ‘89 was actually the car I was initially interested in, but unfortunately by mid-summer it was the first of the 780 trio to be sold.

By September I had started a full-time job as a computer programmer. In October, since I was still living at home and had saved up most of my summer job earnings for a future down payment, I was finally able to seriously consider buying a car of my own. I had been driving our old trusty 1980 245 all summer long, but after having test driven all of those cars I was getting a pretty strong urge to buy one of my own.

Meanwhile, back at the dealer, the blue ‘88 had been sold. The black ‘90 was now the only 780 left—it had been on the used car lot since April, and the price had fallen considerably, but there were still several other cheaper candidates. I decided to keep looking.

I did some shopping around, and came really close to buying a sharp, charcoal grey 1988 740 Turbo wagon with 58,000 miles and a rare manual gearbox. However, thanks to an inflexible salesperson we were unsuccessful in negotiating a lower price for the car and the deal fell through. I remember saying "Well, maybe it’s time to start thinking about that Bertone again."

All this time the black ‘90 of course was still there, waiting patiently. Of all of the 780s we had looked at over the past seven months, this car had by far the lowest mileage and was in excellent shape. Plus, since it had been in the inventory for so long, the dealer was anxious to get rid of it. "It’s a once in a lifetime chance," I recall my parents saying. My only regret was that I’d have to drive such a nice car through the messy and salty Minnesota winter. But the fact that the car stayed on the dealer’s lot for seven months seemed to be a "sign", and it would be very difficult to find one with this low of mileage ever again. I finally decided to go for it. We took the car out for yet another test drive and looked it over carefully. It really only needed a few minor cosmetic repairs, all of which would be taken care of by the dealer. After a few moments of good-natured negotiation we shaved off a few hundred more off the asking price and I signed on the dotted line.

My loan was approved without any problems, and on November 6th, some seven months since I first saw it for sale, I drove the "black '90" 780 Turbo off the dealer’s lot.

The car was a daily driver for the next four years, and survived the four winters it went through with flying colors. I "retired" the car from daily and winter use last fall and picked up a 1991 940 Turbo to take its place, using the 780 only for "weekend touring" and storing it in the winter.

After failing to come up with a name for the car for a few years (literally), I finally settled on "Giulia", named after the famous Alfa Romeo Giulia 101 and 105 Series coupes of the 1960s (which incidentally were also designed by Carrozzeria Bertone).

In October 1998 I acquired a classic 1984 242 Turbo, which I have since been in the process of restoring. Realizing the extra Volvos I had now accumulated, in July of 2000 I sold my 944 Turbo and "bequeathed" my 780 to my parents in exchange for their 945 SE wagon, trimming my own fleet to two Volvos. I've now technically left the 780 brotherhood, but it's nice to know that the 780 still remains within the family.


Serial Number: 009426
Date Built: December 1989 (est.)
Color: #405 Mystic Silver Metallic
Interior: #2970 Dark Grey
Current Mileage: 125,000
Owner: Per-Anders Andersson
Gothenburg, Sweden

As you can see the European V-6 version in 1990 got chrome trims around the wheel arches, the car also got the new grill. The wheels are aftermarket type "Galaxy". Over the years there were only approximately 320 cars sold in Sweden and quite a lot of them are here in the Gotheburg area. In 1992 Volvo sold out new cars to employers that had not been sold by the dealers worldwide, therefore we have all kind of versions of the 780 here. The most powerful is the one with a turbocharged 16-valve B204-engine (200 bhp). Another rare one is equipped with the 960 six-in-line engine and transmission.


Serial Number: 007492
Date Built: May 1989 (est.)
Color: #405 Beige Metallic
Interior: #2910 Brown/Black
Current Mileage: 118,000
Owner: Jim Bradley
Pittsburgh, PA


Serial Number: N/A
Date Built: N/A
Color: #173 Red
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: N/A
Owner: Tom McGuckin
Las Cruces, NM

This was Frank's (of Group 6 Performance) former personal vehicle. With the 16 inch TSWs wheels and the Continental z tires, the car looks sharp. Bilsteins all around with Group 6 25 mm sway bars and chassis reinforcement. The car has slight oversteer and excellent cornering, but is not particularly light to the touch. Make no mistake it is not a Porsche 911 in a corner. The feel is somewhat heavy and not particularly nimble in a sharp corner, but it stays very flat and neutral to slight oversteer in a high speed (55mph) test on a 30 mph on-ramp. I want to try the car on rain slick road (controlled conditions). I also have a g meter which I can estimate on 300 ft radius pad. From 80 mph, I took my hands off the wheel and stomped on the brakes (at my local airport). Straight hard stop. Frank did a great job with the stability of the car. Of course this all icing on the cake. The Chevy 350 four bolt is back as far into the engine well as possible. I have an Edelbrook manifold and aluminum heads. Malloy ignition and high lift cam. Mike (Group 6) estimates 312hp. Needless to say, you can drive reasonable with a light touch on the accelerator or burn $200 worth of rubber off the Continentals. The whole car is incredibly professional (the engine well looks like top Volvo manufacturing). Frank and Mike took tons of time on lubrication (dual micron filtering) and cooling issues. In town or on the highway the car has a smooth relatively quiet ride that my wife loves. I love the cruise control, I have never had a car that maintains the exact same speed in corners or up a hill without fuss.

Minor complaint: the car has the deep V-8 rumble. Its OK moving, but quite noticeable at stops. When the car first starts, its like that scene in Casablanca when the airplane starts. The transmission and idle speed need some adjustment, but I can get that done. The leather interior, sound proofing and general shape are great. I am going to weigh the car at all 4 wheels, replace the suspension bushings and maybe think about modifying the climate control system which has some fickle characteristics (like turning on heat in Phoenix at 112).

Driving to Alberquerque I set the speed control at 80, normally safe, but I had not really checked it against mileage markers. Well at the top of a hill, there was Mr. Bear, claims 82 (75 limit). But he wanted to know how a Volvo was able to maintain 82 up a hill. Showed him the engine and gave him some coffee, not even a warning...


Serial Number: 007208
Date Built: November 1988
Color: #400 Champagne Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 24,000
Owner: George R. Dicker
San Francisco, CA

The original owner, an 82 year old man, kept it in an air conditioned garage at a high-line condo here in Houston...when I sold him a Mercedes CLK, his collection needed to shrink by one (not enough spaces available in the garage), and the rest, as they say, is history. She had 11,785 miles on her the day I purchased (July 8, 1998). She now has 19,560 miles...and now she stays covered in the garage. I can't bring myself to drive such an absolutely perfect car on the roads of Houston.

In the past 7 months that I have owned her (I'm only her second) I have done the most detailed and thorough reconditioning that I have ever done to a car; new brakes& rotors, hoses, belts (including timing), I found the valves had been out of adjustment since new, throttle linkage ditto, and brought literally hundreds of small out-of-line conditions back to exact factory specs. This auto is, without a shadow of a doubt, better in every detail than the day she left Italy. The interior is PERFECT, the body absolutely scratch and dent free, the powerplant putting out every ounce of horsepower as designed. I believe her to be the finest example in existence in North America.

I've made 2 small concessions in my "factory-original-only" philosophy on this car: 1) The exhaust outlet (you know, the dumb "S" curve) was exchanged for an exhaust tip from a 1999 Volvo C70 Coupe (YIKES, $70.00 suggested retail, $48.00 my cost...I work for a Volvo-Mercedes dealership). 2) I installed a 12 disc CD changer in the trunk (left well, behind wheel) which required a controller ('89 didn't have a CD-ready radio like the later models). As a result, the ash tray was removed and a perfect-match panel to hold the controller was installed. To access fuses, you still release the ash tray receptacle, only now there is a wire coming out the back, leading to the trunk.

It also has the Texas license plate "780" in the special vanity Texas flag colors known here as "the state of the arts" plate.

(Notes from Gary Sonnenberg, former owner)


Serial Number: 010053
Date Built: April 1990 (est.)
Color: #407 Blue Pearl Metallic
Interior: #2970 Dark Grey
Current Mileage: N/A
Owner: Guy Vermant

The car is a rare 1990 780 Turbo16Valve with 200Hp. It's 407 dark blue pearl with the graphite leather interior. Chassis: 10.053. The car is in absolute perfect condition. The car is equipped with a lowered sportchassis, 17' polished Polaris wheels and a more modern & sophisticated radio/cd installation. All accessories are original Volvo. I bought the car for my wife and she used it daily till 1996. Since then she needed an estate because of the birth of our daughter. Actually the car is in storage, with only occasional use. During the years I drove several Coupé's myself. A 1987 2.0 Turbo (Italian version) in blue, a 1988 V6 in black and a 1989 TDI which I still have. A car from which I can't decide to keep it yes or no. This car is also in storage. My father had a 1987 V6 in white, which he replaced by an S90 in 1997.

The car is equipped with a B204GT, which means a 2.0 litre turbo DOHC (16-valve) with turbo and Intercooler, leadproof lambda sond, but no catalytic converter! The car is first titled in october 1990 and has 13.000 km's or 8.000 miles. This engine was only available with the 4speed + OD gearbox.


Serial Number: 008534
Date Built: May 1989
Color: #189 White
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 133,000
Owner: Philip Commins
Tampa, FL

This is my first Volvo and one of the nicest cars I have owned to date. The local dealer had taken this car in on a trade in March of 1998. I am told the previous owner was the president of the West Coast Volvo Owner's Association who had a stable of close to a dozen cars. Why he got rid of this one I'll never know, but boy am I glad he did!

I had my eye on this car since summer but knew the time wasn't quite right. As fate would have it, she remained on the lot until the end of December when the dealer, eager to rid the lot of old stock and a "white elephant" as they put it reduced the price significantly. It needed work but was clean and solid, so I put down a deposit immediately. On Dec 30th I drove her off the lot- what a great way to start off the new year!

I get so many compliments on this car. For an artist's representative this is the perfect automobile; HUGE trunk for moving artwork, practical, distinctive, stylish, powerful and unique. Like a big, white unused artist's canvas with the beautiful Florida "state of the arts" plate proudly displayed at the rear. Performance and handling are what I love so I will gradually upgrade her while keeping her as stock as possible. I have had her up to 100 mph and she is very stable at speed. I can just imagine how she will handle when the new Nivomat's and the anti sway kit are bolted on!


Serial Number: 007795
Date Built: February 1989
Color: #407 Blue Pearl Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 81,400 km
Owner: Hans Lihv
Sjövik, Sweden

I finally bought my favorite car, a Volvo 780. The car is in excellent condition, and everything works and is original except for the wheels—they are optional wheels for a Volvo C70 (7.5x18 inch with Pirelli 225/40x18 tyres). This car was delivered to the U.S. in early 1989, but never sold in the U.S. So, the car was sent in return to Volvo Sweden and was planned to be used as a company car within Volvo. Before being delivered to Volvo's company car department, it was polished so badly that they had to repaint the entire car (the polishing was done by inexperienced people). After its company car life, the car has had three owners, the last one only for five months.


Serial Number: 011648
Date Built: November 1990
Color: #408 Red Pearl Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 75,000
Owner: Dan Jones
Pepperell, MA

It is a 1991 with complete history including the original bill of sale and window sticker. It has always been garaged and is new in performance, looks, feel and smell.

Equipment includes the Turbo plus kit, posi, independent rear suspension, four wheel disks, high output bi-amped factory CD with tape, moonroof, air bag, antilock brakes and the signed dash.

(Notes from Tom McDaniel, former owner)


Serial Number: 008792
Date Built: June 1989
Color: #400 Champagne Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: N/A
Owner: Mike Parr
Fredericksburg, VA

I bought it in 1992 in San Diego Ca. It has never been a daily driver and love the few days I get to show it off. It's nice to know there is no other Volvo able to pull up next to me (us)and out shine the 780 mystique!


Serial Number: 004621
Date Built: November 1987
Color: #400 Champagne Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 118,000
Owner: Martin Schreiber
Krems, Austria

I'm a new owner of a 780. I love this car. It was my dreamcar since i've seen the cars first time it was built.


Serial Number: 000437
Date Built: April 1986
Color: #400 Champagne Metallic
Interior: #2930 Blue/Black
Current Mileage: 196.157 km
Owner: Peter Beyer
Berlin, Germany

This is Peter's European-spec 780 with the D24 six-cylinder Turbodiesel.


Serial Number: 007124
Date Built: November 1988
Color: #019 Black
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 63,000 miles
Owner: Viktor Wahl
Helsingborg, Sweden

The first time I saw a 780 was at a dealer in 1989. It was brand new and I desperately wanted it. Unfortunately I wasn't making enough money back then, and I was short on a licence. Ten years later, however, I stumbled onto this car when I went to college in Los Angeles. The former owner claimed to have used it as a "dating-car" (!) until he got married in 94-95 something. After that it became the third car of the house, meaning it would only be used on "special occasions". After a year at college I brought it home to Sweden and at age 20 I'm the youngest owner of a 780 in this country. I guess you could say the car is back at the dating status once again.. Like Mr George R. Dicker I intend to keep the car as original as possible with the only modifications being a CD-changer in the trunk and a C70 exhaust tip. It has been serviced on a regular basis since day one and I have all the papers, bills and receipts including the window sticker. I have it detailed every other month and locked up in the garage during winter, all to keep this car as sharp as it was in -89.


Serial Number: 004622
Date Built: November 1987
Color: #408 Red Pearl Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 203,000 km (126,300 miles)
Owner: Olle Holmström
Fjälkinge, Sweden

As an owner of 5 Volvos (1970 164 M410, 1973 164E BW35, 1978 265 GLE BW55, 1982 760GLE M46, 1989 760GLE AW71) it wasn't easy to get "permission" from my wife to buy another one. But after promising to sell the 1982 760 I bought my 780 in march 2000.

The car was in good shape, some rust round the left side flasher and at the right rear wheel house, a few small dents on the trunk lid, all but one could be fixed from the inside. The interior next to perfect considering the mileage. Engine (V-6) and transmission is OK, brakes too after some problems with a binding rear right caliper. I had to get new front shocks. The S-curved exhaust pipe has been replaced by a chromed tailpipe that is rectangular with rounded corners, fits the design of this car in my opinion. And I managed to get an almost new detachable tow hitch instead of the old rusty one for free. Of course there has been a lot of small things to fix like instrument bulbs and so on. I have also installed a remote-controlled alarm with which I can also open the trunk and a CD-player instead of the factory cassette deck. My car never had the equalizer installed.

This is a lovely car to drive and a real head-turner too, I have only seen one more near where I live. The only problem is getting in the back seat, can be a little problem with 3 kids...


Serial Number: 007633
Date Built: January 1989
Color: #019 Black
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 187,000
Nickname: Bert
Owner: Bryan James
Lawrenceville, GA

I am a previous Volvo owner of a 240DL, 242, and 740GL. My first Volvo was the 240DL used as the first married car (upscale) for my wife and me. We saved 3k in weeks to buy this car on a Friday and immediately drove this car to visit our parents for our first born baby shower. This is an example of how comfortable we have been with the Volvo brand. Upon starting our business in 93', our second car was a Honda which we did not feel this was reflective of the image we wanted our customers to have of our success. We decided that a 2nd Volvo was our destiny. We claimed a Volvo as the best 2nd. addition and found a divorce deal of the decade on our 84' 242 with 30k miles for only $500. My third was a surprise birthday gift for my wife with the 90' 740GL for our first taste of luxury. In 98' while visiting my mechanic, I complemented a customers 89' 780 Bertone being serviced. My mechanic informed me that Bert was being serviced to sell due to the owners need for a S.U.V.. Tony and his wife considered this a out on the town car as the 2nd. vehicle was a family van. Tony used this car to service his customers with a stylish look. Now 2 years after my purchase, when I visit local dealerships, Bert always draws a crowd.


Serial Number: 003148
Date Built: July 1987
Color: #400 Champagne Metallic
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 100,000
Owner: Nick Mahabir
Maryland (USA)


Serial Number: 009241
Date Built: November 1989
Color: #408 Red Pearl Metallic
Interior: #2970 Dark Grey
Current Mileage: 109,500
Owner: Kennedy Brandt
Santa Clara, CA

When my fiance first drove my '97 850 and said I wasn't getting it back, I immediately set out looking for a 780. At last I had a practical excuse to own one!

I found this '90 Turbo for sale about 135 miles away. Driving up to check it out, we crossed over Highway 780 at about the halfway point, and ended up spending the night with relatives whose phone number prefix was also 780. It was a obviously a sign.

I became the third owner of this car in January, 2000, and have used it as my daily driver this entire year. It periodically gets longer trips, and is always great to drive. Just a few months ago, it rocketed myself and my siblings up to about the 7,500' level of Mt. Shasta, near the California/Oregon border, the turbo powering us up and up while the cars around us lost a little more power with each inch of elevation.

The addition of the California vanity plate 780TRBO probably seems a bit obvious to those who already know how to differentiate one Volvo from another, but I like letting all the S40's around here know what just passed them.


Serial Number: N/A
Date Built: N/A
Color: #019 Black
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: 175,000 km
Owner: Sami Asfour
Amman, Jordan


Serial Number: N/A
Date Built: N/A
Color: #019 Black
Interior: #2950 Beige
Current Mileage: N/A
Owner: Mark Zembron
Chicago, IL