240 Turbo Changes List

Volvo 240 Turbo Model Year Changes List, 1981-85

1981: 242T introduced in U.S.A.  126 hp B21FT motor with M46D tranny and 3.73 rear end stuffed into GLT body.  Red metallic, black, and silver were the colors available with grey/black velour interior.  Leather optional.

1982: 244T and 245T introduced.  AW71 transmission introduced.  Color choices expanded to include #134 Glacier Blue Metallic, #042 California White, #135 Coronado Gold Metallic, #172 Rose Beige, #173 Red, #175 Redwood metallic (more colors were available, just don’t remember them).  242 and 244DL Turbos were available.  Basically DL’s with sunroofs, all Turbo suspension and performance parts (+ gauges), and DL interior trim.  Manual windows, mirrors, and door locks (on 242’s – 244’s had power door locks).  Some 244DL Turbos were sold as the rare Police Package cars, which had velvet/vinyl front seats in blue, vinyl rear seat, no front spoiler, 120 mph speedo, and automatic tranny.  Grey velour interior discontinued, but replaced with blue velour in silver, blue, and white cars, tan velour in red and black cars.  1982-on 240T velour seats lose extra side bolsters in seatbacks.  Constant idle computer different – same as unit used in non-turbo B21F’s with idle compensation for AC, but idle compensation feature still not used…

1983: 5-bar oil pressure gauge added, first year of Canadian Turbos (identical to 1982 Turbos, but with 5-bar oil pressure gauge and 220 km/h speedo).  U.S. models get european style bumpers.  #200 Blue metallic replaces #134 Glacier Blue.  Trailer towing capacity increases to 3300 lbs.  Rare 242Ti flathood model introduced with factory installed intercooler kit (not identical to 1984.5 style, different relay locations, normal flywheel, and different oil cooler bracket).  157hp @ 5100 rpm, 175 ft.lbs @ 3900 rpm.  #177 Graphite Grey introduced as a new color.

1984: 120 mph speedo standard on all cars, not just Police Package turbos.  Smaller constant idle motor, updated control pressure regulator.  131 hp @ 5400 rpm, 150 ft.lbs @ 3750.

1984.5: All B21FT’s come from the factory with the intercooler kit installed.  162 hp @ 5100 rpm, 181 ft.lbs @ 3900 rpm.  Stick cars gain larger, stepped flywheel (same as 1987-on M47 flywheel).  AW71 modified for higher torque handling.  New CPR with no vacuum lines installed (altitude controlled).  Pusher fan installed on horn post.  Relays located behind left headlight assembly, instead of scattered around the engine compartment.  Power window switches changed in 2/84 to larger style.

1985: No engine or transmission changes.  242T discontinued, at least to the public – still available to racing teams in Europe.  Rear fog lights added, #215 light blue metallic added.  Instrument cluster loses Turbo warning light and gains unmarked fuel/temp gauges.

1981-85 240 Turbo engine numbers and specs

1981:  498898  B21FT  126 hp @ 5400 rpm, 150 ft.lbs @ 3750 rpm.  M46 series D tranny only.

1982: 498966/7  B21FT  127 hp @ 5400 rpm, 150 ft.lbs @ 3750 rpm.  M46 series D or AW71 auto tranny   – impulse relay added to cold start injector system for use when warm, larger cold start injector, increased rest pressure, larger fuel accumulator, delay valve added to automatic tranny turbos.

1983:  499800/1  B21FT  127 hp @ 5400 rpm, 150 ft.lbs @ 3750 rpm.  M46D or AW71.  – 5-bar oil pressure gauge and sender.


499868/9  B21FT  131 hp @ 5400 rpm, 150? ft.lbs @ 3750 rpm.  M46D or AW71  – smaller CIS motor, updated CPR.

499926/7  B21FT  162 hp @ 5100 rpm, 181 ft.lbs @ 3900 rpm. M46D or AW71  – Intercooler kit preinstalled, larger (stepped) flywheel and clutch, CPR without vacuum hoses (uses altitude pressure, instead of cold acceleration to control enrichment).

M46D tranny is standard M46, but with 4.03 1st gear and larger output shaft, as well as higher pressure OD pistons than non-turbo M46.  Part# 1208258.