Cargo Net in V70

Opening up the seat.

On the side of each rear seat there is a panel like this, with three small screw covers.


Each cover can be popped off with a screwdriver.


Revealing the screws which need to come out.


There is also a screw on the top, next to the headrest.  It helps to pull the tab and tilt the headrest forward.


Once all four screws are out, life the seatbelt and slide this plastic tab to one side…


And then back the other way, so that it is under the plastic cover instead of on top, like this:


Then you put a couple fingers under here, and pull straight out.  There is a plastic tab that goes straight into a metal clip that needs to come out.


The plastic panel is now free and can be set aside.


Now you can slide the cargo net cover panel (it’s the big piece of plastic that I’m touching in the pic below) toward the nearest door of the car.  It only needs to slide an inch.  Since this is the driver’s side seat, it’s slides toward the driver’s side door.


Once it’s slid over, pop it off by prying up from the bottom edge.  It should come off easily.  Don’t try to take it off from the top edge, as there are hooked edges that will break off if pried from the top.  Remove the panel and set it aside.

This is my car with no cargo net inside.


Depending on how the cargo net roll comes out, that may be all there is.  If is is like the 1993-00 Volvo 855/V70, they are just held in by these disposable push-on washers.  If you damage these washers while removing them, no big deal, they are available at any hardware store.


If you DO have to remove the other plastic panel (the inside panel between the 60/40 split seats) there is just one screw at the bottom of the panel.


So just remove the screw, and then at the top, where the headrest goes in, there are two snap-on clip pieces of plastic – one going into each headrest support hole.  They may need a little help from a screwdriver to come loose.


From there, the panel can be lifted up like this; although because of the headrest, it can’t be easily removed all the way.  But it should be enough to access anything and get the cargo net roll mechanism out of the car.


On the passenger’s side folding seatback (the “60” part of the 60/40 split seat) there are only a few differences.

  • There are TWO screws on top instead of one – one by each headrest.
  • The spring-loaded cover plate slides the other way, toward the closest door, as mentioned above.

Also, if you have a Arena or Gobi interior, I’m looking for a set of seat anchors and their plastic covers: