Horn Relocation

Before: Big horns blocking air flow

One of the best ways to increase the air flow to your radiator is by moving the two circular horns in front of your radiator. If you have an air conditioner, radiator, intercooler, and oil cooler then you should probably have already done this a long time ago. It always surprises me how many super-pro-modified 240’s do not have this free and easy modification.

First, I removed the entire horn assembly from the pillar behind the grill. Then I disconnected each horn from the center mounting bracket, which I did not reuse for my DL, but I did reuse for my GLT. The horns can be mounted either behind the bumper (which I did on my DL) or near the charcoal canister (drivers side, underneath the fender) or where ever you can find a place.

After: No horns in the way

The horns are still plenty loud, and now they don’t block my radiator. Make sure to mark all the wires and terminals before you disconnect them for easy reconnection. I had to use some of my own extra bolts to do this, but I didn’t have to drill any holes in any of the cars to which I have made this modification.