Steering Wheel Replacement

The large type of steering wheel
(to be replaced)

The smaller type of steering wheel (the replacement)

One of the largest improvements I made to my tan car was replacing the steering wheel. No, I didn’t replace it with some phony aftermarket crap or an 8″ chain-link wheel. I just grabbed a smaller diameter wheel out of a later model 240 from a junkyard. The larger steering wheels (pictured above left) have two horn buttons, one on either side. You can pop off the center cap (about 2″ x 2″) and unscrew the old wheel with a really big wrench – I needed a 27mm deep socket to do it right.

Make sure, when you are taking the wheel off, that you leave the nut screwed onto the bolt slightly so that when you pull on the wheel to break it loose, it doesn’t come flying off and hit you in the face.

The newer wheels (pictured above right) have a horn that takes up the whole middle pad, and can be easily had for $20-25 USD at a junkyard. Make sure your new wheel is undamaged (the plastic clips that hold the horn pad to the wheel are unbroken). Also, make sure to put it on straight. This may take a few tries. The smaller wheels can be found on 240 Turbo Sedans (1981-1985) or 1986? and later 240s. Make sure to get a steering wheel without an airbag in it.

The difference between the two wheels is amazing. It feels like driving a completely different car. I highly recommend making this change if you have an older 240 with the bigger steering wheel.