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Sold the 1978 Volvo 242 a few months ago…  Sad, but time to move on to more modern cars I guess.  The new owner seems very happy with the car.

Last Septemberish I bought a 1991 Volvo 244 as a spare vehicle. I really wasn’t planning on keeping it, so I never posted it here, but I managed to get around to posting a page about it.

There were a lot of IPD parts on the 1991 that are now on my 1993 Volvo 245, including 25mm anti-sway bars, upper and lower GT braces, upper Cherry Turbo strut brace, Virgo wheels with Bridgestone Potenzas, a set of Yakima racks, and a set of snow tires on Sirius wheels (pictures on the 1991 below, now in my garage awaiting next winter).  The 1991 got the front sway bar from the 1993 and the stock wheels with Michelin Hydro Edge tires.  The snow tires saved me several times this winter during some ice storms, like the one pictured below.

  • Approx 160k miles
  • CD player
  • Turbo front sway bar
  • KYB shocks and struts
  • Magnaflow exhaust
  • New brake pads and rotors

Turning Over the Inventory, Part 2

Well, two bits of news here.  First off, the 1978 242 made it through the five-hour journey to go pick up the 1993 245.  This, in and of itself, was pretty amazing considering what I’ve been through on that car.  I can say this for certain – having the extra engine power going over some of the mountain passes made a huge difference compared to other times I’ve driven my B21F-powered 240s on the same road. The car also made it all the way back (10 hours total, about 600 miles of driving) with no issues! It’s been a difficult experience to get this 30-year old 242 back to reliable daily-drive status, but I think I can say that we’re nearly there. It’s been quite an expensive journey.

Here is the car that I went to go get:


I drove the 1993 245 back home without a hitch, and there are pictures from today posted here, as well as a little info about the car.

The major issues with the car are that it’s going to need a valve shim adjustment soon (I own the tools, so no big deal here) and, much more horrifyingly, it’s going to need a new heater fan soon as well. The current fan is making the ‘shriek of death’ noise, which pretty much sounds like a wailing banshee swooping out of the shadows to devour your soul. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it’s still pretty loud.

Broken Brakes

Last month at the IPD Garage Sale I bought a complete set of vented rotors, calipers, and pads for the front brakes on my 1978 242. After swapping this new equipment onto the car, which badly needed it, I noticed that the brake failure light was coming on. After several bleeding sequences using the Motive Power Bleeder there was no change.  The car was driven for quite a while with a spongy, yet functional brake pedal.  Since the brakes were still working fine, I was convinced that their was still air in the system, and that it would work itself out over time through successive brake bleedings.  Despite several further bleedings, the problem remained.

Two days ago, when I went to bleed the brakes on more time, I noticed that the rear passenger’s caliper had started to leak out of one of the piston seals.  “Ah ha,” I thought, “this must have been the cause all along.”  I ordered a new caliper from a local CarQuest ($44), installed it, and… still got the same spongy brake pedal and brake failure light.  IPD sells their rebuilt calipers – same Ate brand – for $105.50 (less $27.50 core) = $78.00 and YOU have to pay shipping to return the core.

After consultation with some of the gurus on turbobricks, it seemed likely that the brake master cylinder had failed.  I ordered a remanufactured one from local parts supplier Baxter Auto Parts for $45, including core charge.  IPD sells this part for $132.92 (no core charge).  Well, the master cylinder fixed the problem, and I now have a nice firm brake pedal and no brake failure warning light randomly turning on and off.  Hooray!

Turning Over the Volvo Inventory

Some updates:

Selling Sold the 1985 245 Turbo! I’m selling it in-state only (no more out-of-state horrorshows, thank you) so check your local Volvo forum.  Pictures here

Buying my parent’s 1993 245 with M47 manual transmission!  More details & pictures to follow when I get the car.  This will be Volvo #11 for me in about six years of Volvo ownership.  Holy frijoles!  I think I’ll be settled for a while; the 1993 245 is so nice I can’t imagine ever selling it.  I’ve dumped so much money and time into the 1978 242 that I’ve got to hang on to it for a while, plus it gets great mileage and is a fun car to drive.  It’s also nice to have a backup car for those times when one of our other two cars is in the shop.

Also, the 1978 242 is still running strong, no major malfunctions so far.   It’s page has been given an update, but it still needs some newer pictures.