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Via Volvo

Well, I finally got the last two issues of Via Volvo up online in the Docs section, now that I finished my presentation and I can delete that huge 88mb Powerpoint file. Minor changes here and there, and I made a more detailed introduction on this page (in case you didn’t notice). Also, I wrote a new Article on 200 Series Models that supplies the essential information for anyone looking to buy a Volvo or to distinguish between the different types. Hopefully I can supply pictures soon.

The Flu

I’ve been sick with the flu for the last seven or eight days, so not much new has happened. I fixed a few things dealing with pictures not showing up and some font issues. I also added a few things to the Links and spell-checked every page. Right now, I’m spending most of my free time catching up on homework, but I should have the Via Volvo collection finished soon.

Via Volvo Magazines

Started scanning the Via Volvo magazines. Check the Docs section for the first few issues. These magazines are 30+ pages each, so it will take a while to get them all online. Also, I added pictures of the red car in the My Cars section. I began a new article in the Articles section on how to install a stereo system in a 240.