There is a lot of Volvo-related information out there on the Internet. One of the advantages of owning a Volvo is the erudite and dedicated online community. There is a wealth of information out there, and I have provided links to various resources that I have found useful.

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Volvo Car Corporation
What else can I say? Where it all began. You can build and price new models, look up facts and figures etc. Nothing much on the old cars unfortunately.

Online Community and Forums

The Brickboard
This is an excellent site which I use regularly. They have excellent forums and a FAQ for 700 and 900-series Volvos. Pictures, classified ads, shops and more! Check out the RWD or 200-series forums for specific info on K-Jet cars.

This site is a great news service for Volvo enthusiasts. They keep up on all the latest information regarding the Volvo Car Corporation’s activities. They have a great articles section, featured cars (including older models), information on upcoming events, excellent galleries, and forums. They focus mainly on front-wheel drive Volvo cars.

Similar to the above two sites, this one has some great FAQ’s and technical information, such as performing V8 conversions and making convertibles. They also have a neat mailing list.

This site focuses mainly on performance tuning of turbocharged Volvo’s. They have many articles on performance tuning, staged modifications, and other high-tech operations, as well as a busy forum, photo galleries, and videos. Always search before you ask a question on there, otherwise you will just get told to search by those more ‘experienced’ than yourself.
A Swedish site (in English luckily) that provides web hosting for your Volvo page. JP Styling uses this service. Another site that mainly focuses on front-wheel drive Volvo’s, they have a very active forum and a lot of great info on maintaining and modifying your car. For rear wheel drive information, you might want to try The Brickboard or Turbobricks.

Clubs and Organizations

Oregon Volvo Tuners
For those of you in Oregon, home of IPD and more Volvo’s than you can shake a stick at, this is a good page to meet people in your area. Membership is free. The have a forum and a gallery of members’ cars. It is presided over by the same guy who is the VCOA Pacific Northwest Chapter President.

Volvo Adventures (New Zealand and Australia)
Another great resource, with lots of history and technical information. There are awesome pictures of members’ cars (from 1933 to 2003) on this site. Man, the non-USA cars are so much cooler looking! They have a links page that makes this one look like a pile of rubbish, so be sure to check it out.

Volvo Club of America (VCOA)
Are you a member? I am. They put out a magazine, Rolling, every two months which has some great info and articles on Volvo’s both old and new. They also have online forums, classifieds, and an event calendar. They regularly hold meetings in many different locals as well as the annual National Meet.

Volvo Owners Club (United Kingdom)
These guys are amazing. They have a complete history of the Volvo Motor Company, tons of tips and tricks on keeping the old Volvo’s running, and lots of technical information. While most of it focuses on the UK models, there really were not that many differences between the UK and USA/Canada Volvos. Also, if you like the Brochures posted here, join the club (28.50 British Pounds) and you can have access to their massive collection of old Volvo product literature.

Maintenance and Non-Performance Parts

FCP Groton
Foreign Car Parts carries a lot of parts for your Volvo, mainly the 200 and 700 series. Their prices are a bit better than IPD, but they don’t carry as many high performance parts. Ordered from them many times, with great results.

Located in Portland, Oregon, IPD makes and stocks so many parts for Volvos it will blow your mind. The web site is great, but I suggest ordering their catalogs as well. Ordered from them many times, with great results.

Swedish Engineering
This company also carries a wide selection of Volvo parts, many of which are OEM. I have not dealt with them much, but I did order a wiring harness from them, and the service was excellent. Hopefully they will get their catalog online soon! Until then, you can call them on the phone.
A good dealership to order OEM parts from, with a solid online catalog.
This site carries parts for many different Volvo models. I have not ordered from them, and found out about them only recently. Based on my experience, their prices seem very high compared to others; as much or more than you would pay at a Volvo dealership. However, many of their parts are Volvo originals (not aftermarket) and they do have a large inventory.

Volvo World
This site has both informative resources and shopping. They carry a lot of parts and accessories for almost all Volvo models. One of the best things they have is a VIN number decoder so that you can find out the truth about your car.

Performance Parts

If you’ve read my Car Audio page, then you know I plug this company a lot. The fact is, they have always been great to me, in service and pricing, and they stand out from the rest by supplying you with complete installation instructions and the necessary adaptors for making a professional installation. If you’re putting an aftermarket stereo in your Volvo, make sure to check these guys out.

DVS Volvo Performance
This company has a great supply of custom suspension parts for 240’s as well as stuff for some of the other models. Strut tower braces, panhard rods, torque rods, spoilers and more!

Evil Genius Racing
These guys do more cars than just Volvo’s, but they do sell some custom suspension stuff including coilovers.

EuroSport Tuning
Although they don’t carry a ton of stuff for 240s, what they do carry is quite good – full stainless 3″ exhausts, brake upgrades, and suspension parts. If you have a later model Volvo, they carry products for those as well.

Located in Portland, Oregon, IPD makes and stocks so many parts for Volvo’s it will blow your mind. The web site is great, but I suggest ordering their catalogs as well. Their prices are a little steep, but they carry good stuff, and a lot of performance items that cannot be found elsewhere. Ordered from them many times, with great results.

JP Styling
These guys sell a lot of styling mods for 200 and 700 series Volvos, including Euro lighting packages, lowering springs, and sport grilles.

Kaplhenke Racing
Ohhh, if I had the money, I would buy everything this guy makes. Awesome parts for 200-series models and many others. Specializes in coilover kits, suspension mods and triangles, triangles, triangles.

KG Trimning
Makes of performance cams and lots of other neat stuff for Volvo’s. Check out their Catalouge (.pdf format) for a list of products. The prices are in Swedish Kronor (SEK), and they are of course located in Sweden.

Pro Turbo Systems
A Finnish company with lots of neat turbo stuff, including complete custom turbo’s, custom exhaust manifolds, wastegates, and intercoolers for Volvo applications.

R-Sport International
Specializes in Volvo performance, maintenance, and restoration, with a focus on performance parts and customization for the 240 series.  Located in Portland, OR.

SAM – Steffansson Automotive AB
This company has one of the best selections of super-high performance parts for your Volvo. Located in Sweden, SAM makes great products for all types of Volvo’s and other cars. With shipping to the states, prices can be a bit high, but it’s definitely worth it.

Sten Parner Motor (SPM)

SPM is a Swedish company that makes many fine custom parts for Volvo’s, especially engine parts such as forged rods, pistons, cranks, and valvetrain components.

Unitek & ST
Another Swedish company which makes custom drivetrain components. You can order everything from a custom-ground camshaft to an entire engine from these guys, although their website doesn’t have much content as of yet.

Photo Galleries

Jon-Erik Oberg
This site is mostly in Swedish, but the 240 series photo gallery is very impressive. It includes many rare vehicles.

Vallakra 2002 & 2003
Hosted by JP Styling, there are hundreds of pictures of these huge Swedish Volvo meets.
Tons of great Volvo pictures collected over many years. Divided up by model.

Personal Pages

Anthony Hyde’s Volvo Turbo World
Don’t let the name fool you, this is more than just a personal page. There is so much information here I don’t know where to begin. It has been remarked that this should be required reading for all those interested in Volvo performance, and I agree.

Clean Flame Trap
This is a great page, similar to Dave Shannon’s, with lots of articles and walkthroughs for common Volvo repair jobs.  Very useful!

Dave Barton’s 245 Turbo Page
Of course, no links page would be complete without Dave Barton’s page. This guy has a lot of information about his own project cars and the Group-A cars, and is a big part of the California Volvo community. He sells replacement engine wiring harnesses and many other parts, and has a lot of info on his page in general. A must-read.
Information on the ultra-rare 1983 242 flathood cars (only 500 were made). There is a lot to drool over here, haha.

John’s Brick Page
This page has some very good information. Articles on tailgate re-wiring, headlights, engine part numbers, engines and transmissions, and lots of pictures of his cars.
This site has pictures and videos of Volvo rally cars in action. Very cool.
Everything about the 200 series. Available primarily in Dutch and Swedish, with some of the essential pages in English. A great resource for information on European models.