1967 Volvo 122S Amazon Estate


How It Ended

Sold the car back to the previous owner.

Car Info

We bought this car in order to replace the Jetta (in some of the pictures above). We had seen it sitting in front of a shop for several years, and one day when we drove by it was for sale. We took it on a test drive and ended up buying it. However, a certain person didn’t want to part with her Jetta, and we were in quite a quagmire with the two cars.

Surprisingly, the original owner called us one night about 2 weeks after we bought it and asked if she could have it back. She said she hadn’t been sleeping since she sold it and she missed it. She had owned the car for over a decade, and had owned other Amazons before that, so the attachment was pretty strong. She bought the car back from us and paid us for the work we did, which included new tires, replacing the antenna, and a few other little things. Basically, she lost the car for a few weeks and got it completely cleaned, the paint 3x buffed, carburettor tuned, and radio fixed for free.

On the plus side, we learned quite a bit about Amazon’s and I decided I won’t buy one unless someone else has gone to the work to fully restore it. There was not a lot of rust on the car, but it definitely needed new rubber all the way around, as well as new floor pans and a carburettor rebuild. Not to mention it had a very low top speed and a clunky 3-speed automatic.