1980 Volvo 264 GL Diesel

How It Ended

I found out the engine was basically blown up on the inside, and, although it turned over, it had very low compression. My guess is that this may have been due to a valvetrain issue rather than rings, but that will be a problem for its new owner to solve. I needed my garage space back.

Car Info

I bought this car in June of 2007. The price included a 90-mile flatbed tow to my house, as it didn’t run. Supposedly it has 30k on a rebuilt motor, but who knows. Oil and coolant are pretty clean, and the interior is not that bad. The paint (dark green) is shining up nicely. The car is covered in grass and pine pollen, so it looks quite a bit lighter in colour than it actually is.

So far, I have got the engine to turn over easily enough, but I’m not sure that it’s getting any fuel. I got some clear fuel lines, so I’ll be able to see what’s up next time I go out to the garage. Plans, of course, are to run biodiesel if the car runs ok, or scrap it/sell it/fix it if it doesn’t.

I’ve got the car pretty much completely clean now, with the paint buffed, the bumpers scrubbed, and trunk and interior vacuumed and cleaned out. Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much reached the limit for stuff to do without spending any money, so the car will probably sit for a little while.