1981 Volvo 242 DL

How It Ended

I sold the car because I wanted to focus all my car efforts on my 242 Turbo (which has now also been sold). I thought it was pointless to have two 2-door cars. Actually, it’s pointless to have anything that’s not a wagon at this stage of my life. So now I’m finally getting into what I really like – a Turbo wagon! I still really miss this car, but I see it around town occasionally.

Car Info

This was my first Volvo. I bought it in May of 2003. I put about $2000 worth of parts into it over the course of about 2 years that I had the car. It was an awsome little car, and I logged a lot of miles on it. It had over 300,000 on a broken odometer when I bought it.

This car was an excellent example of how to build a car out of junkyard parts. I put together the interior and bits of the exterior and engine with a lot of trips to the junkyard. The car had a few performance parts, but I kept most of them after I sold the car, so the second set of pictures is pretty DL status, but the first set shows how I mainly drove it.

It had some rust and transmission problems (overdrive was getting old) but I still loved the car. Before I sold it, I took it from Salem, OR down the coast highway all the way to Sacramento, CA and it drove like a champ the whole way – not a single problem. This is probably the car that I miss the most of any of my former cars.

Work done to the car:

* wiring harness
* clutch replaced
* timing belt & tensioner
* water pump
* front and rear engine seals
* fuel pumps replaced
* various bushings replaced
* recovered front seats (got em for free)
* +more stuff

Modifications to DL specs:

* had 15″ ‘Virgo’ alloy wheels (I still have them, they are on my 245 Turbo)
* had ipd sway bars (sold with the 242 Turbo)
* had various gauges and things
* had Alpine CD player (sold with the 242 Turbo) and speakers
* had under-hood sound dampening
+more stuff

Pictures – While Owned

Pictures – For Sale