1981 Volvo 242 GLT Turbo

How It Ended

I sold this car in July 2006. I will miss the car a lot, but I had too many cars and the 2-door was the least practical for my current situation. I am glad that it is now owned by someone who will appreciate it though. I still miss this car a lot, but I have to say, wagons are really great.

Car Info

I bought this car on March 7, 2005. I got the car from an older guy who owns a shop downtown. Originally, his brother-in-law bought it, and then later gave it to his parents. He got it from them a couple years ago, but decided the air conditioning wasn’t cold enough for his liking. In the trunk there was the complete set of Volvo “Greenbooks” which are the service manuals for this car. The car is a GLT Turbo, which came with a non-intercooled AiReasearch TB03 turbocharger. For more information on the GLT series, check out the cool product literature (from 1981) that came with the car in the Documentation section.

Modifications to standard GLT specs:

  • Horn relocation performed (see pictures)
  • Fixed the annoying door buzzer (detached it from the central pillar so it doesn’t resonate on the metal – 50% reduction in loudness)
  • Intercooler installed (pulled from a 1985 240 Turbo)
  • Airbox modified (removed pre-heater hose assembly etc.)
  • ipd 25mm front and rear anti-sway bars installed
  • Dawes Devices manual boost controller set at 10psi
  • Matching spare wheel and tire (15in “Virgo” wheel)
  • Broken power antenna replaced with rubber antenna
  • 2.5in exhaust with straight-thru Xcellerator muffler from catalytic converter back
  • Permacool Pro-series 16″ electric fan installed to replace belt-driven fan
  • VDO calibrated boost gauge
  • Metal scrape plate
  • Alpine CD player with custom ipod line-in
  • Sound dampening galore
  • Nissen 3-row radiator
  • A-cam from Canadian B21A motor (replaced T-cam)
  • B230 Intake manifold installed to replace stock B21FT intake manifold
  • Blowoff valve in cold-side intercooler pipe

Parts replaced & repairs made to this car:

  • Fuel Filter / Air Filter Replaced
  • Front Seals Replaced
  • Timing Belt / Tensioner
  • Water Pump / Coolant
  • Silicone Vacuum Hoses
  • Engine wiring harness replaced
  • Spark plugs (NGK)
  • Mobile 1 synthetic oil w/ Mobile 1 filter
  • Motor & transmission mounts replaced


  • Tranny Fluid Replaced (Valvoline ATF Type FA)


  • Black carpet dashmat and floormats


  • Tie Rod Boots Replaced


  • Battery Tray etc. replaced
  • Removed trailer hitch
  • Replaced front turn signals with clear style

Things I would like to do to this car:
Modifications: (in order of importance)

  • Flat hood and grill (already purchased)
  • Bilstien shocks & struts
  • Cut the springs for ultra lowering shizzle
  • Adjustable Panhard Rod
  • Some sort of engine braces
  • Bigger stereo system
  • Tint Windows
  • Trunklid Spoiler
  • Shave trunklid lock and get remote trunk opener from donor car
  • Add late-model door seals (road noise reduction)


  • Spark plug wires
  • Distributor Cap & Rotor
  • Radiator and Intercooler Hoses replaced / painted etc
  • Brake pads