1981 Volvo 244 DL

How It Ended

I sold this car to a friend of mine in 2004 for the same price that I bought it for. We just worked on it the other day, and he’s still driving it around. He put in a new windshield, new seats, new tires, and a stereo. We also built a new wiring harness and did a few other repairs.

He drove it around for three years, and sold it in December of 2007. I heard that the new owner took it to a mechanic, and then continued to drive it when it was running poorly after the visit to the mechanic. The engine subsequently burst into flames, creating a fire large enough that the fire department came. This occurred only a few days after he sold the car.

My guess is that this car is now toast (ha ha!), which is a shame, because it was a nice car. In order to create a fire that large, it was likely a fuel leak of some type.

Car Info

I originally noticed this car sitting in a parking lot for months without moving. I slipped a note in and a few weeks later, the owner called me. It had a frozen rear axle, and was pretty much immobilized. I bought it from him, cut the rear brake line (which was keeping the axle from turning) and drove it home squirting brake fluid everywhere. It turned out that the axle bearings were broken and the axle had started to come out of the rear end, which had caused the brake shoes to hit the brake disc.

I got it home and took the ipd sway bars and virgo wheels off of it for my other car at the time, the tan 242 DL. I was going to part it out, but it wasn’t really that bad of a car, so my dad and I replaced the axle and we sold it to a friend of mine for the same price that I bought it for.