1986 Volvo 744 GLE Turbo Diesel

How It Ended

I sold this car because I didn’t really like it that much and I needed the money. I’m sticking with 240 series from now on. It was pretty cool to drive on biodiesel though, but I don’t think I’ll do it again… or maybe I will. One thing is for certain, it won’t be in a frumpy old 700-series. Ugh. I’ve since dealt with (worked on) another 700-series car… what a pain. Horrible. However, in its defense, this WAS one of the most comfortable cars I have ever owned, and I loved the torque curve of that diesel engine.

Car Info

I bought this car in July 2006 because I have always wanted a biodiesel car and because I love Volvo’s. I was also worried that gasoline prices may skyrocket and that in the short term, biodiesel may become the only affordable fuel source.

The fuel pump was recently rebuilt for use with biodiesel. If you don’t know what biodiesel is, check out www.biodiesel.org. The fuel lines were replaced for use with biodiesel. It has a new Interstate Megatron battery, as well as new cam and injection pump timing belts. It seems to have a new radiator and cooling system hoses, as well as new glow plugs.

I was initially suspicious of diesel cars, but this one starts up immediately when cold. In fact, unlike most diesels, it actually starts up slightly better when cold than when warm. Even when warm though, the engine starts on the first or second turn of the starter; that is, within one second of turning the key.

This car also gets amazingly good gas mileage! Some people claimed they got over 50 miles per gallon with these cars, which I thought was pretty insane, since the original dealer window sticker says 27 mpg on the freeway. So far I have recorded 31mpg on B99.

This car is my first diesel, but it is also my first 740-series Volvo. I have to say, it’s a pretty amazing ride. It is very quiet, and much more comfortable than the 240 series that I am used to. The center console is smaller, and provides a lot more legroom side-to-side, which contributes greatly to my comfort level, since I have long gangly legs.