1993 Volvo 245

How it Ended

Parted out after discovery of extensive structural rust in floor pans, B-pillars, frame rails, seatbelt anchors, suspension, and front clip.  The parts live on in the bodies of other Volvos.

Car Info

I bought this car from my parents in June 2009, after they upgraded to  a 1997 S90 (960 sedan) and I sold my 1985 245 Turbo.  The car looks good, as you can see in the pictures below, and was very well maintained.  In the 30,000 miles before I bought it, it has had about $600 of suspension work – genuine Volvo bushings all around, Sachs Advantage shocks and struts, turbo sway bars with new bushings, etc.  It’s also had all the fluids flushed (transmission, brakes, differential, steering), distributor cap & rotor, spark plug wires, a new interstate battery, a new tailgate wiring harness, and a new windshield.

Being that it’s a 1993, it has such features as engine piston oil squirters (L-block) (1993 only), anti-lock brakes (ABS, 1991-93), r134a air conditioning (1993 only), drivers-side airbag (SRS, 1990-93), black door handles (1992-93), real component door speakers (1993 only), power heated mirrors, heated seats, rear headrests, LH 2.4 fuel injection (thankfully not the late-1993 LH 3.1) and a factory M47 manual transmission with a nice 3.31:1 rear end.  Not the fastest car in the world, but the gas mileage is a huge improvement over my old 245, which got a max of about 20 in town and 25 on the freeway.  In good tune, totally stock, this 1993 245 can achieve over 30MPG on the freeway, primarily due to the manual transmission and rear end gears.

So far, I have put a lot of work into upgrading the car tastefully – no junkyard parts or cheap stuff – and keeping up on regular maintenance.


Suspension Details:

  • Front springs: IPD / TME sport
  • Rear springs: IPD / TME sedan overload
  • Sway bars: IPD 25mm (front & rear)
  • Upper braces: IPD / Cherry Turbo strut tower brace, IPD GT corner braces
  • Lower braces: IPD GT candybar chassis braces
  • Shocks & Struts: Bilstein HD
  • Bushings: Volvo OEM Rubber / Poly mix
  • Rear Suspension: IPD adjustable panhard rod


  • Custom mild steel tube header, 1.75″ diameter, 26″-long equal-length runners, 4-to-1 collector, 2.5″ outlet, coated with black JetHot ceramic.  This is basically a copy of the Stahl header for 8v redblocks, but with larger diameter pipes (1.75″ vs. 1.5″) and a shorter collector.
  • RSI custom stainless 2.5″ exhaust with two Magnaflow mufflers
  • IPD VX3 performance camshaft (advanced 3 degrees)
  • RSI round-tooth adjustable cam gear
  • OEM Volvo Diesel motor mounts
  • IPD/URO blue poly accessory bushings
  • IPD blue silicone radiator hoses
  • Blue silicone vacuum lines
  • K&N air filter and cleaned out airbox (preheat hole plugged)
  • Working R134a air conditioning


  • Factory M47 manual transmission
  • Homer’s M47 short throw shifter


  • Window tint: 35% front two windows, 18% on everything else
  • Headlights: FCP / DJ Auto e-code kit with H4/9003 Sylvania Silverstar Ultra bulbs fancy PIAA H4 bulbs
  • Fog lights: Bosch H3 clear with Volvo wiring / relay /switch kit and fancy PIAA H3 bulbs
  • Tail lights: Scantech Red/White/White/Clear tail lights
  • BBS RS from a 1985 Ferrari 308 – Front are 16″x7″, rear are 16″x8″ – No adapters or spacers!
  • Goodyear Eagle GT tires – Front are 205/55/16, rear are 225/50/16


  • Gauges: correct, matching tachometer from a 1989 240 GL
  • Gauges: small clock, oil temp (C), oil pressure (5 bar), volts, fuel economy / vacuum
  • Cluster and dash: LED lighting throughout, removed blue plastic inserts from all 52mm gauges
  • OEM Volvo blue plastic all-weather floor mats and grey rear cargo mat
  • Stereo: factory 1993 speakers, cheapo Jensen head unit with line-in


When I first got the car in 2009:


Mid-cycle photos, 2010-2013


Final upgrades, 2013-2014